Video Game Club holds last meeting of 2009

The Cherry Hill East Video game club held their last meeting of the year 2009 on Wednesday, and certainly went out on a high note. Club members in attendance were treated to a Halo 3 LAN Party, the club’s first successful attempt at one.

LAN or “Local Area Network” gaming takes a lot of preparation to pull off. It requires four televisions, four consoles, 16 controllers and cables to connect them all. But the payoff is well worth it: 16 players playing a game together simultaneously.

Players first played “Zombies” on the Sand Trap map. The rules of the mode are simple: one player begins as the zombie, holding a one-hit kill, close range weapon. The zombie is also twice as agile as a normal player, but is a one-hit wonder in exchange. Any player killed by the zombie becomes infected, and must hunt surviving players.

After “Zombies”, club members played the “Rockets” mode on the Epitaph map. A standard firefight, but players all use the powerful rocket-launcher as their default weapon.

After this successful meeting, the Video Game club and its members are sure to enjoy more great games in 2010.