Vegetarian Reflection: Gabi Kains (’12)

Being a vegetarian for three weeks had little impact on my life physically, morally and emotionally.  I did not lose any weight, nor did I have to make any drastic lifestyle changes.  Because I did not eat any red meat prior to the experiment, I really only had to eliminate chicken and fish from my diet – two food items I previously ate often.  I think my body adjusted well, although only minor changes were made.

Prior, I thought that special diets such as vegetarianism were purely about willpower; my experiences proved that concept.  It certainly took a lot of willpower to refrain from eating meals I usually ate often that contain meat products.  The hardest part was finding dinner options that did not include chicken or fish, especially when eating outside of my house.  I am glad that I followed through with the experiment, but it is not a lifestyle change I would particularly like to permanently make.  My parents did not like the fact that I could not eat many of the meals they made, but they, as well as my peers, found it interesting.  As much as I enjoyed trying something new, I am glad that the experiment is over and I can go back to eating normally.