Vegetarian Reflection: Danielle Hu (’11)

Vegetarian Reflection: Danielle Hu (11)

After going vegetarian for 3 weeks, I don’t really feel that different, which is unexpected (it turned out to be easier than I thought).  I only felt very tempted when there was delicious-smelling meat sitting in front of me, but if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.  My dad was skeptical, and my mom a little disapproving (she believes in the importance of a well-rounded diet), but overall they, like my friends, thought I was weird for doing this. Anyway, an advantage for me is that I always eat at home and the menu is always Chinese food, which has a lot of vegetables, rice, tofu, etc. All of these options were  enough to keep my mind off of meat; my mom’s great cooking skills were also helpful for this experiment.

Prior to this experiment, I thought that vegetarians must feel tired, weak and hungry all the time, however, I thought wrongly. However, my morals about the concept of meat haven’t changed much, and I’m afraid I even became an unhealthier eater. For example, I started gorging on cookies and chips for snacks when I usually went for my chicken taquitos.