Vegetarian Reflection: Danielle Fox (’13)

After three weeks I am sick of being a vegetarian. It is great that some people choose this food diet because of their moral values, but honestly at this point I just want to eat mini hotdogs again. Physically I don’t feel that great, but that’s probably because I currently have a cold. Actually, last week I felt really down but I’m not sure if that was due to this experiment or because of all of the tests I had. My friends and family have different views of the experiment.

My friends think it’s really cool and they are “proud of me”, however, my parents and family members are continuing to ask me why I’m doing this and what the point is. Personally, I think my mom is just sick of having to cook different meals for everyone.

The only thing beneficial during this experiment was cheese. Thank g-d for cheese! Pizza is my favorite food so I have not really been that deprived. The hardest part was not eating mini hotdogs or chicken nuggets after school. Also, I am a huge fish person and I had to miserably watch my parents enjoy the crab cake they accidently bought for me. Before this experiment, I didn’t really have an opinion of vegetarianism. I just knew that they didn’t eat meat.

Before the experiment I didn’t know how it was possible to go without meat and now that I see it is possible, I mean it’s really not that hard, but it’s not satisfactory. I actually feel less healthy now than I was before, since I can’t snack on meat products, which include high sources of protein. I did not lose weight; I actually gained a couple of pounds, which also may be due to a lack of exercise. I am very proud to say that I have not broken the diet! I have successfully been a vegetarian for three weeks. The first thing I’m going to eat when I get home is mini hotdogs!