Vegan Reflection: Laura Kane (’11)

I’m a girl that could live off of cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes, a.k.a. a full-hearted omnivore. Thus, staying true to a vegan diet was nothing short of will power. My spur of the moment Friday pizza nights were replaced with pre-planned tofu and rice dishes; my meals out with friends were substituted with take out dishes from my cupboard; the typical options for family dinners were reduced to only 1/3 of the local grocery store’s products.

Cheese-craving, weary of checking labels, and on my last whim, I discovered the vegan savior: Whole Foods. The store’s vegan desserts, snacks and tofu meat substitutes helped me to quickly adjust to the diet’s strict regiment. Replacing meat with soy, and dairy products with wheat based groceries, enabled to me feel lighter after a full meal. Besides feeling tired earlier than normal, my body felt healthier.

Before deciding to become a vegan, I thought the diet was reserved for extreme animal lovers and health nuts. However, the experience taught me that this is not the case; veganism involves those who are willing to dedicate themselves to promoting alternative and cruelty free food options. Although I will no longer be vegan once the three week span ends, my “eat anything and everything” mindset is behind me. Instead of eating animal-based products during every meal, I plan on finding a healthy balance between the traditional and unconventional world of food.