Usra Aslam (’24) prepares for her role as schoolwide vice president


Courtesy of Usra Aslam ('24)

Aslam is picture holding a “Vote Usra Aslam sign” during her campaign.

After passionate campaigning throughout school and riveting online campaign videos, Usra Aslam (‘24) has been voted and inducted as schoolwide vice president for the 2023-2024 school year! Aslam has been heavily involved in East since her freshman year. She participates and shows leadership qualities in Belles, Muslim Student Association (MSA), Model UN, Speech Team, Indian Culture Society (ICS), and of course Student Government Association (SGA).

In Aslam’s freshman and sophomore years, she was a student body representative, following that, in her junior year she was a classwide vice president, and finally, she will finish out her high school years as a schoolwide vice president.

Aslam remarks, “I’ve been able to learn a lot about how student government works by starting freshman year, it’s been such a valuable experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” She reflects on this transition period in SGA, stating, “Being a part of class SGA is so much fun because of its focus on spirit week and specific class events, but I decided to run for school-wide SGA because it provides a wider impact that I believe better suits my goals for our school as a whole.”
Aslam has always been remarked as an ambitious and driven person by her peers, making her the ideal vice president to push our school to new limits!

“This year we are prioritizing more school events for SGA as a whole, emphasizing hosting at least one event per month, and we are hoping to introduce some new events that haven’t been done at East before,” says Aslam.

She has additionally taken charge as head of the Public Wellness Committee, excited for this new step in her SGA path she states, “We are hoping to create more cultural awareness with Multicultural Day and other culture clubs to make East a more accepting community.”

Aslam is personally involved in MSA and ICS, noting how important it is for East students to embrace their culture during these formative years of their lives! East needs strong leaders to benefit the school as a whole. Each day Aslam tries her hardest to represent her school and to successfully be one of those strong leaders. Leading in clubs and committees has helped her prepare for her upcoming leading position as vice president.

“Being an officer in other clubs like Belles and MSA has helped me learn how to delegate tasks and how to work towards a set goal and make the most out of my time. Those time management skills contribute to the SGA environment where there is so much to get done, but with limited time to do so,” says Aslam.

Aslam will be vice president alongside Manar Hadi (‘25), Asher Boiskin (‘24), and Noah Yang (‘24). She will additionally be working with Crystal Yeh, School-Wide President. This team not only functions as a productive and ambitious unit but also as a harmonious and tight-knit group of individuals who all value and learn from one another.

“My favorite thing about East is the diversity within the community, and how no one really feels alone- there is always a group to welcome you with open arms,” voices Aslam.

She has firsthand felt the love and community that East has to offer, and as schoolwide vice president, she will ensure this dynamic, diverse, and welcoming reality reigns true.