Thomas Piotrowski leads the Class of 2024 through a successful school year


Lucas Tang ('23)

Thomas Piotrowski is a committed member of the East Boys Soccer team.

Thomas Piotrowski (‘24) is a dedicated individual who gives his time to the well-being of Cherry Hill East. Across his years at the school, he has helped plan and execute a variety of events that are fundamental to the well-being of our school and our community. Piotrowski is the Class of 2024 SGA president. He was an SGA representative in his Freshman year and Sophomore year. He’s played sports across his years at East such as baseball, basketball, and soccer.
“To me, being president means that I am able to influence our class and try to organize the best year I can,” said Piotrowski
In the past, he’s been a part of coordinating the Freshman Dance, the Sophomore Cotillion, Spirit Week, and Back-to-school Nights. For the Freshman Dance, Piotrowski helped decorate, set up, and he stayed back to clean up. For the Sophomore Cotillion, he gave his ideas, his support, and his time, helping in every way he could. He’s particularly passionate about Spirit Week and has always advocated for people to go to the dance and participate in the Dress-up Days along with the Can Collect. On Back-to-school Nights, he offers his guidance in directing and helping parents as they travel between the places they need to be.
Looking back on all these events he feels that he has successfully helped his grade and his fellow SGA members make East the best it can be.
As for this year, Piotrowski will continue to not disappoint. Piotrowski, along with SGA, have big plans for the 2022-2023 school year. He’s planning Junior Prom with high hopes for huge success. Additionally, he’s involved in fundraisers for the Class of ‘24 Senior Prom. These fundraisers require students to go to Panera bread, Pancheros, and Chick-fil-a when the time comes. Piotrowski wants to do everything in his power to make the night as special as possible. Additionally, he’s designing apparel. This year’s apparel includes a crew neck, a hoodie, a shirt, and a car magnet, each one displaying the East logo.
“I really hope people buy and wear our apparel to show school spirit and try to get our grade to come together,” said Piotrowski.
When asked about his probability of becoming School-Wide President, Piotrowski admitted his consideration. There’s a chance he will, but what’s most important to him is keeping up his current mindset about supporting the school. He’s so dedicated to the school, that he leaves little time to himself. Like many athletes at East, juggling school sports and activities can often become challenging.
“It’s tough to juggle because of timing; I get home and I have work to do and I also have to think about plans for SGA. It’s just a lot of juggling,” said Piotrowski.
Despite the challenge, he wouldn’t want it any other way. Piotrowski hopes for a successful school year for the Class of ‘24 and is more than happy to organize it.