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LaterCity wins Battle of the Bands

An admissions ticket and an “x” on the hand are all that is needed to enter one of East’s most entertaining events. This year, East’s second annual Battle of the Bands welcomed Bizarre Silence, SJ Party Supply, LaterCity and Dynamic Monotone to the auditorium stage.

The 2008 Battle of the Bands, hosted by Madison Back (’09) and Justin Wachman (’10), featured the aforementioned bands competing in the appropriately decorated theater.

The band contestants were obviously different from the year before, but the new musicians were not the only change that one may have noticed.

“I think the bands stepped up their game this year,” said Chris Santo (’11).

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Although only four bands performed this year – as opposed to last year’s seven – the bands still managed to create an intriguing show for students seeking entertainment.

“There were a lot of different types of bands,” said Lindsay Duboff (’12), explaining why she enjoyed her first time at East’s Battle of the Bands.

Another major difference from last year was in the event attendance. At the start of the battle, the auditorium appeared barren; however, more students arrived throughout the remainder of the night.

Connie Huang (’11) expressed her overall feeling on the event, as compared to her previous experience. She said, “Less people came than last year … but Dynamic Monotone was awesome!”

Screams were definitely heard, even over the loud music. The palpable excitement indicated that the crowd – although smaller than others – thoroughly enjoyed the show.

“It [was] a lot of freshmen. It’s good to see the younger kids come out,” said Justin Henderson (’10), who found the turnout successful.

The event ended with Latercity, also last year’s winner, taking the prize of a $200 gift card to Guitar Center and a golden guitar trophy.

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