The National English Honors Society is inducted into Cherry Hill East


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The National English Honors Society is being introduced to Cherry Hill East.

The National English Honors Society enters Cherry Hill East for the 2019-2020 school year. Mr. Connolly and Mrs. DeWitt, English teachers at East, are the leaders of this new society, and could not be more excited.  

In an interview, Mr. Connolly mentions how Mrs. DeWitt and himself would fulfil the purpose of the National English Honors Society by “bringing together a like-minded group of students that love literature.”  These two teachers would share their interest and enthusiasm towards literature with people inside and outside the school community. For example, Mr. Connolly came up with a substantial idea for Dr. Seuss Day.  He thinks that the members of the society should read to children in elementary schools.

Unlike some other clubs at East, the National English Honors Society has some strict standards for the application process.  If students want to become a part of this society, they are obligated to have an unweighted GPA of 3.25. They must also receive an A or a B in an Honors English class or an A in an Accelerated English class. Additionally, students must pick between three to four essay prompts and write an essay, as a part of  the application process. A possible essay idea could be explaining how a piece of literature has affected a student in his or her lifetime. In addition to these standards, students must pay a fee of 25 dollars. 

Students can only apply to be a part of the National English Honors Society if they are a junior or a senior.  After these students go through the application process and become members, Mr. Connolly would like to have meetings during homeroom. 

Another aspect of the National English Honors Society is the emphasis on community service. The community service involvement, which relates to literature, will benefit many people. Not only will members help influence people outside the school community, but they will also help influence people inside the school community.  Members can do this by providing tutoring to students at East. 

This society plans to have more meetings to discuss their steps moving forward.  They are currently considering many ideas.  

The new National English Honors Society at Cherry Hill East will be an exciting club for those who love literature. It will allow members to participate in community service and allow them to share interests of literature with others.

Mr. Connolly and Mrs. DeWitt are excited to finally begin the National English Honors Society, at Cherry Hill East.