Indian Culture Club prepares for a new year

Today after school, the Indian Culture Club met for it’s first meeting of the year. Many new members showed up, proving the 2008-’09 school year to be a promising year for the club.

New member Josh Basak (’10) said,” I am very excited to be in the club, and I am interested in meeting people of my culture.”

The club looks to have many events throughout the year. In previous years there has been, “Movie Night,” “Breaker’s Night,” and “Game Night”. Although the club looks to carry on past events, a new event has been put in place. Later in the year all of the club members will go out to eat at an Indian Restaurant. The time and place has not been determined, but members are already excited for the event.

Second year club member, Anouth Kumar (’11) said, “It’s a fun club, and you get to meet new people.”

Students are encouraged to go out to the meetings. The next meeting will be determined later next week.