The How to Save a Life Club helps the community

The How to Save a Life club, established on December 4 of this year had its second meeting today in F-083. Founded by Debra Schwarzl (’10), who says, “I wanted to do something to benefit the community,” the club will meet twice a month to discuss various fund raising opportunities. According to Schwarzl, each month the club will focus on a new charity to which money will be raised and donated. By only its second meeting, the club already raised 86 dollars to go towards a homeless shelter in Camden.

At each meeting, members discuss not only what charity they would like to focus on for the month, but how they will raise that money. After having already held a bake sale, the club has already started planning its next endeavor. Idealistically, its goal is to hold a movie night. Schwarzl says that she would like to feature a movie like The Dark Knight at which her club could profit by selling refreshments.

“We want to try to sell shirts also,” says Schwarzl reflecting on other possible money raising methods. “If we can we’re planning on holding a t-shirt design contest. The best designer will win a free t-shirt.”

Inspired to join the club by their uncle’s suffering of cancer and Wegener’s disease, an illness which affects the lungs kidneys and other organs, sisters Kelly and Meghan Conroy (’10) hope that the club can focus on donating to foundations supporting their uncle’s illnesses next month. “It’s a way for me to get involved [in helping others],” says Kelly Conroy about the club.

The club is looking for people to contribute ideas for raising money. It also welcomes any people who are interested in researching different fundraisers to donate to as well as anyone who has photo shop expertise to assist in publicizing the club.