The Class of 2025 will be living “A Night in Paris”


Courtesy of @cheast2025 on Instagram

The Class of 2025 will be hosting their Sophomore Cotillion on Friday, February 24th.

On Friday, February 24th from 7-10 pm, the Class of 2025 will be living “A Night in Paris”. Every year, the sophomore class holds their Sophomore Cotillion, better known as Soph Cot, at Cherry Hill High School East. This year, Soph Cot will take place in Cafeteria 2 with exciting plans for decorations and food that incorporate its theme. 

Tickets were available to purchase in front of the auditorium and through Payschools for $25. The Class of 2025 student government was selling tickets across from the auditorium until February 16th. Tickets were available for purchase online through Payschools until February 20th. 

“There was a heavy debate between ‘Disco’ and ‘A Night in Paris’, but ‘A Night in Paris’ was the final vote,” said Manar Hadi (‘25), one of the sophomore vice presidents. 

Choosing this year’s Soph Cot theme was quite the process for the Class of 2025. Starting with around ten themes on the whiteboard, the class officers and representatives were able to narrow down their options and get the ball rolling with planning decorations and layout around their theme, “A Night in Paris”.

Delicate accents of gold and silver can be expected to be seen in Caf 2 during the event. The Class of 2025 Student Government plans to place little Eiffel Towers as the main centerpieces for the tables. Plans for incorporating all things French are in store for this year’s Soph Cot.

“It’s going to be a bite out of Paris and like a party under the Eiffel Tower,” said Adam Leibowitts (‘25), the Sophomore Class President.

Catering will be providing macarons and chocolate croissants for the attendees of the dance. Mac and cheese bites, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, pretzels and other varieties of food will be set out throughout the night.

“You can go with friends or you can go by yourself. Whatever you want to do. It’s a really inclusive environment,” said Leibowitz.

Whether sophomores choose to go with friends or a date, everyone in attendance is there to have a good time and enjoy their dance. The party favors being given out will be a package deal: a drawstring bag, sunglasses, and an adhesive Class of 2025 sticker, all included!

“We want everyone to know that you only live once and why not go? What are you going to do that’s better on a random Friday night?”, said Kyle McCann (‘25), a sophomore class vice president.

“We want to have at least 450 there from all of the grades, and not just sophomores,” said Nikhil Raman (‘25), one of the sophomore class’s class vice presidents.

The Class of 2025 Student Government Association is hoping for a good turnout, similar to last year’s turnout for Frosh. There were 450 students in attendance, and the officers are hoping to reach that amount or exceed that number.

Soph Cot is not only a chance to spend time with friends or dress in dapper, semi-formal attire, but the dance is also an opportunity to make more high school memories and live “A Night in Paris” to remember.