The Class of 2020 senior trip is right around the corner


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The Class of 2020 is beginning to prepare for their senior trip.

Cherry Hill East will soon dawn upon its third month of the new decade. While this typically fuels stricter mindsets for most of the student body, for much of the adrenaline-supercharged seniors, end-of-the-road vibes can prove to be a major obstacle towards staying focused on the academic year. The graduating class of 2020 prepares to embark upon the final chapter of their high-school life before discovering the new world of adulthood. Regardless of the fact, it seems that most seniors embrace their youthful energy as the senior trip to Disney World brims right around the corner. Soon enough, sights of rolling hills and the cold Cherry Hill Air will remain tucked in memories as more than three-hundred and thirty students step foot onto Floridian turf. To fly across a thousand miles of our country’s historic coastline is the cost to arrive within Disney World Resorts, which many fondly regard as the Most magical place on earth. It is said that, upon entrance, the park has the power to sweep all traces of negativity with with blissful energy and childhood soul.

Once in the park, students have the opportunity to visit a sub-section of four different theme parks, two water parks, shopping, fine-dining, and a slew of dazzling entertainment venues. Of course, seniors can get the upper-hand of luxury by planning their stay accordingly, most commonly through ticket and booking platform Doing so ensures smooth transitory access around many of the park’s centerpiece attractions and roller coasters via a FastPass system, rather than long lines constantly haunt you on your getaway trip to paradise.

Early access to the clamor of Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom or a glimpse at Safari wildlife within the Animal Kingdom all sound appealing. But before you do so, be sure to check out latest installments in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an entourage of stunning virtual reality simulations of the epic battle against the First Order within Disney’s new exhibit, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

After a few days of discovering all that Disney has to offer, less than ten miles down you will reach Universal Studios, an uncannily similar venue of fun, only lacking mouse-ear silhouettes. If the promise of fairy-tale enchantment does not suit your taste, then you may have more of a soft spot towards the magical textures of Hogwarts Castle that seem to tumble freshly out of the Harry Potter stories. Among the multitude of attractions you may encounter, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure, an amusement tour which had opened in 2010 is among Universal’s most esteemed attraction sights among fans and critics alike, featuring a tour around a modern replica of Hogwarts Castle and an airborne Quidditch match, and attention-grabbing animatronics which may give you a fright; proving that fun comes from a package bundled in multiple layers.

By now, I’m sure you have heard enough promotion for the charismatic mouse in overalls, time to put the spotlight on the dark horse of our story; that is, the people who made such an experience possible for Cherry Hill to enjoy. For every 16 senior students, one member of our school’s faculty will chaperone. Accompanying a variety of school chaperones, two of our school’s administrators, as well as our very own nurse and a staff chocked full of security allows us to leisure to the highest degree of comfort and personal freedom.

If you would like to learn more about what awaits in this year’s senior trip, please visit our school’s activities e-board for general and finer details, ranging from speculated costs to premiere resort destinations. If by chance you are a senior attending this trip, hang in there, soon you will experience the most exciting March you never thought was possible!

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