The class of 2017 holds elections

Sari Cohen, Eastside Staff

On Tuesday, May 12, the sophomore class had the opportunity to elect a president and three vice presidents for their junior year at East.  Maddie Phillips was elected as class president and Kevin Chen, Elise Goldstein and Shayna Gutin were elected as class vice presidents.

Phillips said, “I am so excited and honored to have the chance to serve as the president of the class of 2017… and I can’t wait to get started on next year’s plans.”

There were two candidates for class president, Nikki Pejavara and Maddie Phillips.  There were seven candidates for class vice president, Kevin Chen, Tobi Friedman, Elise Goldstein, Shayna Gutin, Sarah Jang, Rachel Lim and Adina Weiss.  Kevin Chen, Sarah Jang, and Maddie Phillips are currently the vice presidents for the sophomore class.

All nine of the candidates for office of the class of 2017 gave speeches during break 1 on Friday, May 8 in the auditorium.

They were each allotted one to one and a half minutes to share with their class why they should be elected for class office.  The candidates also had the opportunity to make five campaign posters, three 28 inches by 22 inches and two 3 feet by 8 feet.  These posters were hung up around the school the week prior to elections.

The best of luck is given to Phillips, Chen, Goldstein and Gutin in leading the class of 2017 next school year.