The 2019 Fall Blood Drive is a huge success

Cherry Hill East students completed another successful Fall Blood Drive this past Tuesday, November 12 and Wednesday, November 13. A total of three-hundred students banded together in the hopes of positively impacting the lives of others.

Chairperson, Molly Phillips, said that she as well as many other participants, “ are very passionate [about] helping others and putting others before [themselves].”

Phillips, as well as the other ten chairpeople, worked hard for two days and spent countless hours of hard work leading up to the blood drive. They did this in order to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for all the participants. Not only is donating blood an act of community service for many, but people feel a significant personal impact.

“I donated blood this past blood drive because I learned how important donating blood is to people who really need it. One pint of blood [has the ability to] saves three lives,” said chairperson, Mary Cherfane.

Cherfane also said, “I’ve known people in my life that have needed blood for medical reasons. This helped make [the experience] more personal.”

On average, the American Red Cross donates three hundred pints of blood every blood drive. According to Cherfane, this saves approximately nine hundred lives

For Phillips, saving and helping the lives of others is an important factor in her decision making, as this year she “did it to help [her] best friend.”

There are numerous limitations to who can donate blood due to medical reasons and age restrictions. These restrictions can decrease the number of participants, however, East students still came out strong. On the first day, one hundred and forty six students walked across the hall with stickers reading, “Be nice to me. I donated blood today.”

This year the blood drive adopted a rock and roll theme. The participants received shirts that read, “Rock and Roll up Your Sleeves.” Not only did the participants get shirts, but they also earned tickets. The tickets allowed them to enter different raffles containing various prizes.

Cherfane said, “Being a part of something so special and important to the community creates [a special feeling]; the feeling of knowing you’re helping so many people that need the help.” Many other participants feel the same way as Cherfane.

This year’s Fall Blood Drive was a major accomplishment. If you couldn’t participate in the Fall Blood Drive, don’t worry, there will be a Spring Blood Drive on March 17th and 18th.

Courtesy of Instagram
The Fall Blood Drive staff worked hard to ensure a successful turnout for the 2019 Fall Blood Drive.