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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Technology glitch causes locker problems

The weight of the world was on the shoulders of the student body on Monday, September 14.  Technically, it was not the weight of the whole world, but just the weight of all the books that should have been in the students’ lockers.

All students, except for seniors on second floor C-wing had to give up their lockers on Friday, September 11.  After lugging their heavy books home for the weekend and then back to school, students arrived Monday morning expecting lockers.  To their disappointment, lockers were not ready. The student body was forced to drag their books home one more time.

Then again on Tuesday morning, students anticipated receiving their lockers.  To their surprise, the lockers were ready, but with a major problem.  This time, the majority of the lockers would not open because the combinations were incorrect. Very few students had working combinations. 

Finally, on Wednesday all students were given a locker with combinations that worked.  The new lockers were located near their homerooms, and the weight of numerous textbooks was lifted off the students’ shoulders.

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The reason this problem occurred in the first place was due to construction—which left no time for locker assignments—as well as computer malfunctions this past summer. 

In addition, the spreadsheet which contains students’ names, their respective homerooms, lockers and combinations, lost some vital information pertaining to locker assignments. 

Mr. O’Connor was in charge of the new locker assignments. He explained that the computer system “omitted the homeroom change”, so some homerooms were deleted and lockers were not properly assigned.

Despite the technology glitch, Mr. O’Connor and security helped to get almost every student a working locker.  Although the locker problem was a bump in the road, the kinks have been worked out and from now on it should be smooth sailing when it comes to lockers.

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