Studio II returns “Behind Closed Doors”

In Studio II, an acting class taken by juniors and seniors, the students become the directors. Each year has brought many surprising and mixed-reviewed shows. This year the Studio II show returned to East on January 30 and January 31 with a series of double acts called “Behind Closed Doors.” Each scene depicted the time approximately 1-2 hours backstage before a show. Various events occur in this short time. In one scene, a boy was drugged by a pair of trouble-making boys, and in another two girls got in a heated debate over a piece of cake. The ideas were fresh and original. Although some topics used would fall in the category of a “serious drama,” they instantly became comedic as the actors performed them. Each scene in “Behind Closed Doors” was a mock performance of a Shakespearian play. Titles such as “Juliet Must Die,” “As you Spike It” and “Dressing Room of Errors” were spin-offs of the classics with added storylines that were further explained in Act II of the show.

Throughout the play, Jared Fleischman (‘09) played a flamboyant boy from Germany who was in the Shakespearian play “Comedy of Errors.” Clad in tiny shorts and a big smile, Fleischman pranced around the stage completely in character the entire time.

Adam Weiner (‘09) played the knock-off of Mr. Tom Weaver, East’s drama director. The snobbish Tim Beaver, Weiner’s role, wanted to play every role in every scene. Throughout the show he appeared in various roles, wearing dresses and being characters that were meant for students. Using inside jokes for D-Wingers, such as Weaver’s desire to play Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof,” Beaver was funny and amusing to all students at East who are familiar with Weaver.

All in all the show was successful and got mixed reviews just like every year, but Shakespeare definitely not put to shame by these fun scenes.