Students spend the night at East’s Hoco-ween dance


Lucas Tang ('23)

Students play booth games at East’s 2021 Hoco-ween.

The combination of the Student Government Association (SGA)’s Homecoming dance and the Thespian Society’s Halloween dance proved to be a memorable return to an in-person year. Hoco-ween saw the largest attendance of a Homecoming dance in East history with more than 850 people in attendance.

The dance was held in the courtyard as well as in Cafeteria 1, allowing students to dance and play games outside or hang out and take pictures inside. Thespian Society and SGA “did a good job setting up [the] dance and having indoor and outdoor options,” said Elizabeth Ludman (‘24).

Abby Yu (‘23) commented on the DJ, saying “it was so much fun but my feet still kind of hurt from jumping so much.”

Many students, like Melissa Vital (‘23), were excited “for all the classes at East to join together after not seeing each other for a long time,” feeling that Hoco-ween served as a sort of reunion for many students.

Thespian Society contributed ideas such as the game booths. Grace Pierlott (‘22), president of Thespian Society, says that the Halloween Dance always had things such as game booths, face painting, and improv booths but due to COVID-19, some of the usual things had to be changed. Thespian Society got together to come up with booth ideas, eventually settling on games such as ring toss, balloon popping, and games inspired by Squid Game, a popular Netflix show. The games at these booths led players through a murder mystery, where players attempted to guess who killed Mr. Davis, using clues won by completing games.

“I’m extremely happy about how the dance turned out,” said Grace Pierlott (‘22), “I know people were a little skeptical when the idea for Hoco-ween was first announced”.

Chris Shin (‘23), a member of the SGA planning committee for Hoco-ween, expressed his excitement that so many students attended the dance. “Pre-ticket sales sold over 800 tickets, with more buying as they walked in,” he said. Many SGA members and students alike expressed their hopes for future dances as students return to a “normal” school year.

Students at Hoco-ween enjoyed a variety of baked goods as well as food catered by Chick-fil-A, the idea for Chick-fil-A having been brought up by SGA and the baked goods having been supplied by Thespian Society members. Students with dietary restrictions were grateful for foods with ingredient lists and food created with dietary restrictions in mind. Shyla Murray (‘23) said that her “vegan cupcake made [her] feel included.”

Overall, the Hoco-ween dance proved to exceed the expectations of most, leaving many looking forward to East’s next big event.