Students share their love for comics at the Comic Book Club

Today, the Comic Book Club, East’s newest addition to its multifaceted list of after school clubs, met for the first time in B146. Co-Presidents Ashley Babula (’11) and Kristen Olenick (’11) sported Batman and Superman shirts to support the club’s comic book theme. “This is crazy,” Babula said in regards to the turnout of the club, which exceeded ten people during the first meeting.

Co-Advisor to Mr. Tom Howard is English teacher Mr. Pete Gambino, the founder of the comic book club. “I never liked to read when I was younger and comic books brought me into reading literature,” Gambino said.        

According to Gambino, Babula and Olenick, the comic book club will be run in a similar way to a typical book club. Each month the members are to read a comic book, also known as a graphic novel, and discuss the book at the next meeting. During the first meeting, after members introduced themselves and stated their favorite comic book, the co-presidents engaged the members in a conversation about which graphic novel they would like to read first. Suggestions from the members were taken into consideration as people piped in with their personal comic book preferences.
In order to raise the money for the comic books that they wish to read, the club plans on holding bake sales. The comic book club is a way for students who don’t want to read lengthy educational literature to still partake in discussions about written works.

“It’s not nerdy to like comic books anymore,” said Gambino, “It is now a legitimate form of literature. Colleges are having classes about graphic literature and kids should start learning about it here.”