Class of 2023 President Gina Liu looks forward to class’s first spirit week


In the upcoming weeks before Thanksgiving break, students prepare to participate in East’s 2019 Spirit Week celebration, from November 20 to 27. An array of activities will take place throughout the week to signify the event.

The student body’s excitement for the holiday break is anticipated to make Spirit Week a success. Every year, the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm and school pride kindle the energy in every classroom.

Freshman President Gina Liu (’23) hopes to make her first high school Spirit Week the best it can be. As head of the freshman student body and its class representatives, Liu encourages her peers to participate in the event as much as possible.

Many students are preparing for Spirit Week activities and highlights, with over 30 class representatives in addition to the 20 class representatives and the four officers involved. Liu welcomes the rest of the 2023 class to influence the school positively if they have not already. With its booth, dance, dress up, can drive, and banner all in need of helping hands, Spirit Week event offers students endless opportunities to showcase their creativity. Because of the wide variety of projects that Spirit Week provides, freshmen can choose any component of the event that most interests them.

Liu believes that Spirit Week should be taken seriously, for the inclusion and the future of the entire school community.

“It’s not only something fun or something you do every day. The more you participate in Spirit Week this year is going to be better for you,” Lu said. “It’s fun to do things with your friends, but [the event focuses on] the school community coming together.”

Every year, the school organizes a t-shirt fundraiser to support a specific cause. This year’s charity is Camp Kesem, which provides for free summer camps and supports children who have been deeply affected by their parent’s cancer.

“The t-shirt money goes to help children and provides for those whose parents are affected every day by cancer,” said Liu. With year-round support for those in need, the program embodies East’s theme of seasons. East’s administrators in charge of the event encourage students to purchase Spirit Week t-shirts and win points for their class. Furthermore, the sale enables students to help kids in need and to give back as a school community.

Liu believes that the significance of Spirit Week will cast more light and positivity within East’s community.

“ I hope to achieve a more positive environment in the school,” Lu said. “The atmosphere at East is already in a positive [state] and it’s easier to get to know people who aren’t in friend groups.”

As for Liu herself, she continues to commit herself to fill her responsibility as a school influencer. She feels pleased with the current outcomes of Spirit Week, and the students’ hard work and participation motivate her to further contribute to the East community.

“Everyone is doing a great job and working hard,” Lu said. “Participation varies, and something simple like dressing up…really helps. I’m very passionate about this project I’m working on and I love talking about it.”

Spirit Week will host a homecoming dance and conclude the following week with a school pep rally, both uplifting gatherings that give a cheerful boost to the holiday weekend. Dedicating several hours a week to their projects, Liu and her peers feel determined to make East’s 2019 Spirit Week celebration a success and bring wellness to kids in need.