VIDEO: Students pack the dance floor at Hocorade

Even after the pandemic, students presented themselves at Friday’s Homecoming Dance in masks — except this year, it was a different type. Put together by SGA and Thespian Society, the Hocorade Dance (Masquerade themed Homecoming) hosted over 1,200 students for the first school dance of the year.
Starting at 7:00 pm, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen poured into school presenting their orange tickets to enter Cafe 1, 2 and the courtyard to begin their night. Students had different activities open to them to spend their time. Although some were at additional costs, these activities included mask decorating, ring toss, tarot card reading and even a photobooth.
Lucas Tang (‘23) and Uma Mawrie (‘23) were respectively voted Homecoming King and Queen! In order to vote, upon entry, students were given yellow tickets to drop into the nominee’s bag that they wished to vote for.
A wide selection of desserts and drinks were available to students as well, including cookies, brownies and chocolate covered pretzels. Overall, dance goers were able to socialize and enjoy a positive experience along with the uplifting atmosphere of the night.

“SGA has been preparing for weeks now alongside Thespian Society for the Homecoming activities and I think we’re all relieved and happy with the turnout. We were especially stunned to see that we sold tickets to over 1,200 people during LBs” said school wide Vice President Jiwoo Lee (‘24).
This year’s Homecoming dance was the largest to date and certainly was well enjoyed by those that attended. One motivating factor is that each of the four grades, based on their respective attendance, will get points for their class towards spirit week.
All in all, East’s Homecoming dance was a complete success, and it seems like students will have a lot to reminisce about the night.