Students learn how to dance at the Ballroom Dance Club

On December 2nd, the Ballroom Dance Club met in Caf-2 after school to continue rehearsing different dances. The Ballroom Dance Club offers its members the opportunity to learn a variety of dances. Most students enter the club with no previous dance experience. However, within the span of a few meetings they are taught a complete ballroom dance routine. Attracting new members with the promise of something new, this latest meeting was a success with over 30 people attending.

President Natasha Andriyanycheva (’10), aided by fellow ballroom dancer Hannah Germaine, led the members in learning a tango and a samba routine. The members were first separated by gender while learning their respective parts for the routine. They then partnered off and danced to the music. In past meetings, members learned dance styles such as the Cha-Cha and the Waltz.

The club will be holding a mock ballroom dance competition on January 20th.

President Andriyanycheva commented, “Hopefully, by then we will have learned a total of 4 to 6 standard dances, like the tango or foxtrot, and Latin dances, like the rhumba.”