Students dress up for Red Ribbon Week

Maddie Phillips, For Eastside

This year’s Red Ribbon Week was a great success.  Red Ribbon Week took place during October 27-31.  This week of school was dedicated to promoting anti-violence, anti-bullying and anti-use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  The quote describing the week was “Stay in the game play drug free,” which connected the messages being observed to games and sports that people enjoy.  Red Ribbon week was run by the East In Action Club and Ms. DiStefano, who worked very hard to advertise the week.

Ms. DiStefano, advisor of Red Ribbon Week announced that, “Each day will have a dress up theme that will coincide with a message to the East community.”  There were five fun-filled, creative dress up days.  The first day, Monday, was “Put drugs and violence to rest” – wear pajamas.  The halls were full of people wearing all different pajamas, so the participation was great.  The second day, Tuesday, was “Help beat drugs and violence” – wear sports team jerseys.  On this day, jerseys from all different teams, states and colleges were represented.

The following day, Wednesday was extra exciting.  Not only was it “We don’t do wacky drugs” – dress wacky, but there was a fuzzy friends treasure hunt.  Fuzzy weepuls were hidden all over the school, and students were excited to search for the weepuls in return for a prize.  To continue, Thursday was East Pride day, so students represented their East spirit by wearing red or East apparel.

Finally, since Friday was Halloween, students were to “Scare drugs and violence away” by wearing their costumes.  East students wore many different assortments of costumes from witches to skeletons.  Dress up days are always fun because one is able to show school spirit in many different ways.

Upon asking several people, it was found that pajama day was almost unanimously voted as the favorite.  Elise Goldstein (’17) dressed up each day and said, “Pajama day was definitely my favorite day because I was so comfortable, and it started my week off right!”

Everyone in the school can agree that Red Ribbon Week is always an interesting way to switch up the typical school routine, and send an important message while doing so.  Red Ribbon Week is truly so important because it puts into light the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Great job to East in Action and Ms. DiStefano for making this year’s Red Ribbon week fantastic!