Students dance the night away at Homecoming

The Homecoming dance took place yesterday, November 18, in Cafeteria One from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. The attendance records and corresponding Spirit Week points went in order of grade level—the seniors had the best showing, then juniors, then sophomores, and then freshmen. Three hundred and twenty-five students total attended the dance.

Mr. Davis, who advises Spirit Week as Student Activities Coordinator, said, “I think it really came together nicely.”

Students at the dance seemed to agree. Brittany Nghiem (’13) said, “I really like the music they’re playing.”

But students at the dance were also hoping to get Spirit Week points for their respective grade levels. Freshman class president Sam Amon (’15) said, “I still think we have a chance [to win spirit week].”

Davis said, “It’s too early to call [who will win Spirit Week] because there are so many events left.”

One such event, which is still going on, is the canned food drive.

Mrs. McLeester, the junior class grade level principal, said, “I love the fact that we are collecting food… It’s Thanksgiving time and it’s beautiful.”

Bringing in canned food is a chance for the grade levels to earn more points, and also a wonderful way to help the community.