Students dance away at the Halloween Dance

The Halloween dance of 2014 was a dance that was so frightening, so spooky and such a horrific sight at just a glance, it would be burned into your head.

On an ideal Friday, October 31, the doors of Cherry Hill east opened to a whole other dimension of Halloween. The Halloween dance took place from 7 to 10 p.m. in the East cafeteria on a perfect Halloween night to support the Thespian Society. The black and orange colors that illuminated the room showed the spooky cobwebs, the grave skeletons, the haunted pumpkins and many other decorations that would make your skin crawl. The atmosphere overall was something that would forever haunt you.

The Food and Music were no help to cool the fires of the spooky atmosphere. The food was terrifyingly scrumptious. No, there was no “blood red” punch, but there were sodas that filled you with fear and doom, crippling cookies and catastrophically paralyzing cupcakes with the usual anti-fear weapons, candy and sweets.  The music that blasted through the cafeteria was not that terrifying, but it was still sort of spooky. The playlist for the night included some hits from the terrifying top 40,’ such as Meghan Trainor, Maroon 5 and many other top dance songs. Of course, a Halloween dance can not be complete without other classic dance hits from the 90’s, 2000’s and other Halloween tunes such as “Thriller” and many other Halloween dance anthems.

Even though the cafeteria wasn’t exactly packed, the students seemed to enjoy the time together to dance and party all the spirits of Halloween away. In short, about 150 to 200 students attended the Thespian Society-run dance. Most of the students who decided to show up at the dance stayed the entire three hours socializing with friends, scarfing down sweets and just hitting the dance floor to, well, dance like the night refused to end.

Most of the students who attended the dance first hand gave the dance a favorable reception. Most of them just got straight to the point and said “It’s good” or “I like it.”  Dr. Chapman was also present at the party and he was pretty impressed by the costumes. The students, staff and chaperones all alike can agree on one thing: this dance was a major success both for the students and Thespian Society.

In light of the atmosphere and students who were present at the dance, the combination of both surely made this small dance into an almost private gathering-like one. If you didn’t go, candy is not going to make it all better for you.