Students compete in East’s Spirit Week Cafeteria Games


Excitement overflows as students compete in cafeteria games.

Rebecca Cohen, Eastside Managing Editor

Monday, Nov. 24 brought the second day of East’s Spirit Week Cafeteria Games, hosted by activities director and teacher, Mr. CJ Davis. Today’s game, which Davis called “The Movie Theater Vacuum Cleaner Game,” required one student from each grade to clean a recreated dirty movie theater floor. Davis set up four long sheets of paper on a platform in the cafeteria and poured a mixture of candy, nachos, popcorn, chicken nuggets and french fries all over the fake floor. Participants were required to inhale all of the food as fast as they could while standing on all fours and only using their mouths. After about a minute of play, Davis allowed all participants to begin using their hands to aid their eating. He called this new feature the “Brush Cycle.” The object of the game was to clear all of the food off of the movie theater floor first, or at least clear the most food when time was up.

The Break One contestants were Anthony Couto (’18), Tyler Beasley (’17), Matt Armindinger (’16) and Leonidas Katsikas (’15).  At the end of the game, Katsikas had cleared the most food. Seniors took first place in this game, followed by sophomores, juniors and then freshmen.

During Break Two, Khizar Shaikh (’18), Joseph Lee (’17), Kyle Encarnacion (’16) and Sam Silverman (’15) competed for the gold.  During this round, Lee ate the most so the sophomores took first, followed by juniors, seniors, and then freshmen.

Tomorrow will be the last day for lunch games so be sure to check them out and cheer on your grade!