Students at East create a new Veterans and Military Support Club

Freshmen Abby Auerbach and Rebecca (Becca) Pober recently formed a new club, the Veterans and Military Support Club, as a way for students to connect with the community and help veterans and the military.

“Some may view this club as just a support club but it means more to me,” said Pober, vice president.

Club founder and president, Auerbach, also shared that she heard stories about the Military directly from her Grandfather, a Military member.

With both the president and vice president having family members who served as a Veteran or in the Military, the cause is very personal and can make an even greater impact than most realize.

According to the club’s leaders, East needs this club because it teaches and shows students how to take action and how to support Military Services and Veterans.

“As a club, we do things such as writing letters, making care packages, speaking to Veterans in the community, and other things that will benefit the Veterans and Military,” said Auerbach.

While it is true that there are multiple communities and service-based clubs at East, the Veterans and Military Support Club stand out from the rest. The work that is done in the club doesn’t benefit the East students, but rather a much larger community.

The founders hope that their club will last a long time, especially after they graduate. Some ideas they have for maintaining the success of the club are teaching younger students who have a similar passion and connection for the cause and opening the club up to multiple ages and grade levels.

East can not wait to see what comes in the near future for the Veterans and Military Support Club.