Spring Blood Drive is a success

With 4 months of preparation, the spring blood drive kicked off this past Tuesday morning and came to an end Wednesday afternoon.

Taking place in the library annex and gym, donors checked in at a desk recieving a water bottle and handed a packet to look over before donating.

Over 250 people, including some faculty members, donated blood. One must be 110 pounds, 5’5″ in order to donate.

On Tuesday afternoon, head chair person Dayna Wachman  (’15) said, “We had a lot of expectations and so far we are meeting them all.”

Every donor was given a time to come on either Tuesday or Wednesday to donate. Each donor was warned before hand about the process, so each donor knew what to expect and what donating blood entailed. Everyone showed up on time for the most part, making it a very smooth process.

There are 2 blood drives a year, one in the fall and one in the spring of the school year.

“It’s not that bad,” said Benji Grossman (’16). Most donors were satisfied with the blood drive this year and happy they could help out others.

Having lots of eager participants made this year’s spring blood drive a very positive one, once again leaving an outstanding mark on society.