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Spirit Week:recap of crab soccer and tug of war

Tonight, representatives from each grade gathered in the DiBart Gym to play crab soccer and tug of war for spirit week.

In crab soccer, the seniors overcame an early deficit to take the victory.  After allowing the first goal of the game (crab soccer is judged based on the goals given up by each side), they finished off strongly to win.  As expected, the freshman class was the first grade eliminated due to inexperience after giving up three goals.

After the elimination of the freshmen, the seniors had allowed two goals, the sophomores none and the juniors zero.  The juniors collapsed after this point as they allowed two straight goals.  Shortly after, they were eliminated.  The seniors were able to finish off the sophomores after they were the only two grades remaining.

In tug of war, the freshmen girls started off by upsetting the junior girls.  The senior girls proceeded to beat the sophomore girls in a close match.

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On the boys’ side, the junior class destroyed the freshmen.  In a match-up that was extremely uneven, approximately fifteen very strong seniors lined up against six sophomore boys and appeared to obliterate them.  The sophomores saw a glimmer of hope as the seniors seemed to prematurely drop the rope.  However, the seniors recovered in time to gather a victory.

In the third place match-up for the girls, the juniors won, winning the first two rounds in the best-of-three series.  The freshmen defeated the sophomores in the boys side of the competition.

Results for the Events

Crab Soccer





Tug of War (Boys)

Final in Pep Rally:Seniors vs. Juniors



Tug of War (girls)

Final in Pep Rally (Freshmen vs. Seniors)



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