Spirit Week Preview

East prepares fro Spirit Week

East prepares fro Spirit Week

Jenna Simons, Eastside Staff

Despite the excitement of the end of the first marking period of school and the thought of Thanksgiving Break, there is one event that students will anticipate at East: Spirit Week. Spirit week activities will be taking place from the 18 to the 25 of November.

The main activities that take place during Spirit Week include lunchtime competitions, such as crab soccer and eating competitions, booth decorating, the dance competition and collecting cans for charity. This year, proceeds from Spirit Week will be given to The Alicia Rose Foundation which benefits teenagers living with cancer. SGA is also encouraging students to attend the Homecoming Dance, which will take place on November 20.

This year, each grade picked their theme based on the overall genre of “Pre-Downloaded Apps”. The seniors chose the app “Maps” for their theme.

“We’re [making] our theme based off travel, like for our dress up day [we’re] gonna wear a shirt from a different place and for the Spirit Week dance we have a lot of travel songs,” said Lee Rosen-Swell (‘16), Senior class President.

Given the second choice of a theme, the Juniors selected “Clock”.

Junior SGA Representative Becca Dubin (‘17) said, “We’re going off of the theme of Clocks with all different kinds of antique clocks and the hypnotizing clocks…I’m really excited to make the booth really cool. We’re doing a really simple but artistic booth.”

The Class of 2018 chose “Weather” as their Spirit Week theme. They plan to incorporate all different types of weather, like clouds, snow and rain, into their booth and spirit week dance.

“I think that we can improve upon what we did last year. We can definitely get more cans, meet our goal and do well in the spirit week dance. Maybe we can come in second for the booth this year,” said Maddy Vogel (‘18), Sophomore Class President.

The Freshman Class chose “News” as their first Spirit Week theme.

Mrs. Susan Melograna, Freshman SGA advisor, said “We are looking at all aspects of the news, kind of like a newscast, and what would typically come up on the app. So, news, business, weather, fashion and entertainment…we are kinda trying to zero in on more hot topics, breaking news, stuff like that.”

Spirit Week will end with the Cherry Hill High School East versus West Homecoming Football game on November 25, following a Spirit Week Pep Rally in school that day.