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Spirit Week dance competition 2010 recap

Tonight’s Spirit Week dance competition filled the DiBart gym with an hour and a half of excitement. Spectators quickly filled both levels of bleachers as the competition began promptly at 7 pm.

Dancing first, the freshmen represented “The Wild Thornberrys.” They began with one freshman acting as Eliza Thornberry and proceeded to fight against the sophomores, juniors and seniors to save the animals. Songs ranged from Miley Cyrus’s “I Can’t Be Tamed” to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses. The freshman dance ended with the song “We Are the Champions” in a formation of the letter “F.”

Next, representing “Rocket Power,” the sophomores took the spotlight. Class president, Greg Weinstock (’13) used a remote to change through the channels of a giant television as he looked for a good show to watch. Skipping past the shows of the three other classes, Weinstock was transported into “Rocket Power” with Otto, Reggie, Twister and Squid.

Along with Weinstock, team Rocket Power broke out into a hockey game to the song “Shots” by LMFAO. The dance also featured two break dancers who danced to “Technologic” by Daft Punk.

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After the sophomores, came the juniors who represented “The Fairly Odd Parents” and all dressed like the fairies Cosmo and Wanda. The dance opened with David Bell (’12) as Timmy Turner who made three wishes. First, he wished for love as the junior girls danced to the song “Your Love” by Nicki Minaj. Next, he wished for money and shiny teeth—just like Chip Skylark’s.

The juniors all danced and sang together to the song “Magic” by Pilot and ended in a formation that spelled out “12.”

Finally, the seniors came out dressed as each of the toddlers in the “Rugrats.” The dance began with alphabet blocks that spelled out “rugrats” and continued with the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The seniors used sounds from the original theme song in between songs for transitions.

Next, the seniors brought out two cookie jars and even offered real chocolate chip cookies to spectators. The seniors moved on to nap time followed by a dance to the song “Dinosaur” by Ke$ha with Reptar masks.

The seniors’ dance ended with a photo montage of some of the seniors growing up since they were toddlers while they changed into graduation gowns. The seniors formed the numbers “2011” and tossed their graduation caps as their finale.

In the end, the seniors took first place, followed by the juniors in second place, the sophomores in third place and the freshmen in last place. Overall, the night was filled with cheering and school spirit and reflected each class’s hard work over the past two weeks.

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