Spirit Week booths raise money for cancer

When playing games in an arcade, the gamer generally ends up walking away having spent money, but earning nothing of value in return. Spirit Week’s booth competition allows for students to pay 25 cents to play a game, win some candy and donate proceeds to the Go for the Goal Foundation, an organization for children with cancer.

The senior booth, decorated like a rocket ship for a NASA theme, is entitled Mission 2010. The player earns 6 shots with a nerf gun. The object of the game is to shoot the Styrofoam bullets into an alien’s cut out eyes. Those who succeed earn five points, while those who just hit an alien’s head earn one point. The points will be tallied up at the end of Spirit Week and the person with the most points will win a prize. Participants also earn candy just for playing.

The junior booth represents the Department of Transportation. It is designed as though it were actually a bus, equipped with mirrors, lights and a steering wheel. Players have two game options at this booth. They can play miniature golf, or a motorized parallel parking game (perfect for juniors who still need practice before taking their road test). Winners receive candy.

The sophomore booth, decorated with the letters of the alphabet and other school related items, embodies the theme of education. Four baskets hang with a figure of Dr. John O’Breza and a figure of Mr. Davis suspended on a string. Players are given objects to throw to try to land in the baskets. Those who score in the farthest two baskets, receive their name on the “Honor Roll” wall of the booth, as well as two pieces of small candy or one large piece of candy. Players who score in the closest of the two baskets win one piece of candy. Those who hit O’Breza or Davis receive their name on the “Detention” wall of the booth, and do not receive any candy.

The freshman booth represents the theme of the Department of Treasury. A silver, glittering combination lock that can be spun like a wheel is suspended on a string. Players bet on certain numbers. The wheel is then spun and those who guessed the correct numbers are deemed the winners.

Students are encouraged to check out each booth. Playing one game for each grade level equals an entire dollar that can help children with cancer combat their illnesses with the latest research possible.