Ski Club provides East students with fun winter excursions

Skiing remains a fun and exciting recreational activity for many students. In 2009, Cherry Hill East created The Ski Club, a recreational club geared toward students interesting in skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.

Club members take one to three day trips to nearby ski resorts, such as Blue Mountain and Elk Mountain, as well as meet once a month in room C310 to discuss fundraising and trip plans. This year’s trip in late January was to Elk Mountain. Thirty to forty students attended the trip.

“It’s a club for people to meet and interact with each other over a common interest,” said Mr. Cucinotti, the advisor of the club.

Anyone can join the ski club and partake in its activities, even if he or she has little to no experience. Club activities are completely noncompetitive and fun for anyone who enjoys winter recreation. If you are interested in joining the ski club, please contact Mr. Cucinotti.