Siddarth Pejavara leads the Class of 2023 through a successful school year


Lucas Tang ('23)

Siddarth Pejavara (’23) [located in the center of the picture] tries his hardest to improve School Spirit and bring everyone together, especially at Basketball games.

Class president elections can be nerve-wracking, and deciding on an individual to represent the entire class for the whole of the school year is nearly impossible. However, Siddarth Pejavara (‘23), the Senior Class President, was a decision a majority of the Senior Class didn’t even need to think twice about.

Pejavara strives to create as much fun as possible for the school, in events such as basketball 3v3 tournaments, Top Golf, and bowling, along with fundraising opportunities like apparel sales.

“My role this year has been the communicator,” says Pejavara, “I’m always marketing the events by word and giving speeches when needed.”

From his Freshman year to his Senior year Pejavara will never forget the confidence and enjoyment SGA has brought him. Being a part of East’s Student Government for four years has allowed him to meet so many great people.

When juggling different aspects of his life with being Class President, he mentions it can be challenging. Pejavara plays Alto Saxophone in the Jazz band, runs track, participates in DECA, and has alternate priorities to manage.

When discussing Prom planning, Pejavara tells Eastside Online of his plans within aesthetics, mentioning a “cloud-9” theme featuring crazy and fitting decorations. He continues by explaining that all SGA members of the Senior Class are trying to make tickets an accessible price for every student.

“We are working as hard as we can with fundraisers to lower our ticket price,” says Pejavara.

Pejavara’s favorite part about his SGA experience has been the fact that each person can express their ideas, causing meetings to become one big conversation.

“Everyone is free to suggest an idea, and the ideas that work with the majority usually get put into use,” Pejavara says.

With all members on the same page, the productivity of the group is increased, which prompts the association to hold many meetings over the course of the year. In these meetings, someone usually would propose an idea and designate planning from there.

“Most of the time it is one of the class officers that proposes an idea, but everyone is free to propose an idea. We have had a lot [of] great events and fundraisers off rep’s ideas,” Pejavara states.

For schoolwide events, such as town halls and big dances, Pejavara mentions that the entire SGA works together.

“I would definitely say that I spend the most time with school SGA during spirit week. We also have some fun events for all officers too, like white elephant and SGA conventions,” says Pejavara.

All in all, the Senior Class is lucky to have Pejavara as its president. East is excited to see his ideas unfold throughout the rest of this year.