SGA sets goals for the new school year

Steve Mirsen, Eastside News/Features Editor

It is still the beginning of the school year for most people here at East, but for the Student Government Association, the future is much closer and a lot needs to be done. SGA has already set many goals for the 2014-2015 school year, from class trips to dances to spirit week to Powderpuff.

Junior Prom has already been booked at Lucien’s, and Senior Prom at the Vie. The senior class is already raising money for Prom through fundraisers like the upcoming one at PJ Whelihan’s.

Sophomore Cotillion is also still being planned but Class President, Sofia Benedetto (’17), promises that “the music will be awesome and people will love it.”

10 grade SGA has also started planning a possible class trip to Six Flags Fright Fest on October 17, instead of one at the end of the year.

All grades are looking forward to being the class that wins Spirit Week and the seniors and the juniors are looking forward to Powderpuff.

Junior Class’s President Lee Rosen-Swell (’16) said, “We’re looking to upset the seniors this year.”

However, Senior Class’s President Sam Snyder (’15) has different ideas for his class’s final Spirit Week and Powderpuff tournament at East. “This is our year,” said  Snyder.

The 2015 class will commence their last year at East with hopes to look back on it as their best year as a class. Snyder said that SGA aims to truly emphasize the community that they have together as a class.

There is much to be done for every person in every grade at East this year.

Each grade’s SGA officers plan to give their classes the best year possible, whether it is the Senior Class of 2015 preparing for their last year at East or the Freshman Class of 2018 that has its SGA elections in early October.