SGA makes plans for spirit week


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East students prepare for spirit week with the theme of “Battle of the Board Games.”

Spirit week is just around the corner, taking place on May 17-21st, and the dance will be happening on May 20th. Typically, students look forward to Spirit Week in November prior to Thanksgiving Break. However, due to the pandemic and the unique school calendar, Spirit Week is happening later this year. Many students look forward to Spirit Week because it is a time where they can come together and feel a sense of pride for their school community. This year’s theme is board games and was recently announced on April 9th through Instagram on each of the grade levels accounts. The seniors will represent Life, The juniors as Monopoly, The sophomores representing Jumanji, and the freshman as Clue.

Rehearsals will be taking place at the end of April leading up to the Spirit Week Dance on May 20th. Senior class president, Jordan Grossman (‘20) said, “Rehearsals will be taking place outside and will alternate between morning, afternoon, and night shifts.” Usually the rehearsals would be inside the building but because of the pandemic and the weather being warmer, rehearsals will look a little different. There are a few challenges being faced. Grossman says, “The biggest challenge will simply be getting people involved. Usually it’s not too hard because we can have festivities during the school day and get everyone hyped up in school but that’s not the case this year.”

SGA is coming up with new ways to get people involved, for example, dress up days where you can earn points at home, coming into school for the dance, and coming into school on an asynchronous day to participate in field day. Grossman also says, “The energy in SGA is as real as it’s ever been. We’re super hype to have spirit week and it’s something we’ve been looking forward to all year. If anything, this year’s spirit week will be the most enthusiastic ever because we’ve been waiting for so long.” Spirit Week will certainly look different this year than years past, but SGA is determined that this will be better than ever. Spirit week is a great opportunity to make new friends. Get involved and show East spirit!