SGA has its annual banquet at Maggiano’s Little Italy

Drew Hoffman, Eastside Staff

As another school year at East reaches its termination, the Student Government Association was able to hold one final celebration of all the accomplishments it achieved this year.  It was celebrated in the most grand of styles: a banquet at Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Betwixt the minty green caesar salad and the golden brown mozzarella sticks, it was an event worth the price of admission.  The banquet served as a celebration of the year as a whole and of what each class did that was so special.

Sam Amon (’15), a two-time class president, one-time school vice president and one-time Board of Education Representative, said, “it was a great celebration to end the year and reflect on achievements that we had.  Everyone [at the banquet] has worked very hard, and they earned this night”. 

There were no negatives to be found during the night, as all were in a cheerful mood for the work they accomplished.  It was a great way to end the school year and have one last hurrah before finals.

Freshman class representative and incoming sophomore class president Maddy Vogel (’18) said of the event, “It is a really nice way to end the year.  This year was a great learning experience, and it really taught me what SGA does.  It definitely prepared me to be able to fulfill my duties as class president next year.”

Representatives, officers and advisers were in their flashiest attire to witness many great presentations done by the representatives of each class and the class advisors.  The most special of which came from the Class of 2016’s homeroom.  Each officer and representative wrote down something special about another person in that homeroom as an anonymous source, and it was displayed in a PowerPoint presentation.

The banquet lived up to everybody’s expectations and is a time any future SGA member will not want to miss.