Seniors win the booth decorating contest

Seniors assiduously work to complete their booth.

Julia Rothkoff, Eastside Underground Editor

Many East artists painted, designed and created their Spirit Week booths for the booth decorating contest on Wednesday.

The freshman class’ theme is fantasy. The freshmen artists made their class’ booth blue, with the phrase “Do you believe in magic?” painted on the front of the booth in white paint. The words are surrounded by yellow stars.

“[We wanted the booth to have] a bunch of different fantasy movies coming together,” said Amy Backal (’18).

The sophomores wanted their booth to be very theatrical to reflect their musicals theme.

“The front is going to be a theater. The [back] is going to be a red carpet [where we will paint] a lot of different characters from musicals,” said Adina Weiss (’17).

The junior class’ booth features comic strips with the fictional character, Junior, to showcase its action/adventure theme for Spirit Week.

“We want the booth to be very comic-y,” said Nisha Prajapati (’16).

Grace Shen (’16) is the head artist of the junior’s booth. Shen has high expectations for the junior booth, even though it will be challenging to design.

“This year we only have eight hours to do the booth. Last year, we stayed after for two or three days until seven o’clock. This year we have to get it done as quickly as possible, and also get it to look good because we have high standards for ourselves,” said Shen.

While most of the classes painted first, the juniors sketched first.

“We do things a little bit differently. We draw first, while everyone else paints first. It’s a little nerve-wracking to see everyone ahead of us,” said Shen.

The other junior artists feel just as positive as Shen about the booth. “We are going to pull it off in the end,” said Leah Downie (’16).

Unlike the other booths, the juniors allude to last year’s Spirit Week theme on their booth. The Honey Nut Cheerios mascot, Buzz is featured in a small comic book that is painted on the booth.

The seniors’ Spirit Week theme is animation. The seniors wanted their booth to have not just modern Disney characters, but also older ones as well.

“We wanted to incorporate different kinds of animation, not just Disney and Pixar. We also wanted to incorporate old Disney films…like Mickey Mouse. We have some old Peter Pan in there too,” said Julie Benbassat (’15).

Just like the juniors, the seniors believe that it will be a challenge to complete the booth in time.

“It’s a nice challenge to see how we can pull this off,” said Benbassat.

On Thursday, the results of the booth decorating contest were revealed. The seniors took first place, followed by the juniors in second, the freshmen in third, and the sophomores in fourth.