Seniors take the lead for Throwback Thursday

Allie Grossman, Eastside News/Features Editor

After a long day filled with blasts from the past, seniors win Throwback Thursday.

In second place were the juniors, followed by the sophomores and then the freshmen.

All throughout the school, students were seen wearing clothing ranging from 80’s attire to their favorite middle school t-shirt. This theme not only brought out many creative sides, but also incorporated what has come to be a popular hashtag on all social media.

“It instilled a sense of youthfulness and innocence that we tend to forget about in high school,” said Robin Brown (’16).

As seen on many social media apps, students often post pictures from their younger days. Some students even tried to replicate their favorite childhood trends. Becca Morgan (’15) was spotted wearing leggings, a jean skirt and a cute animal long-sleeve, a trend once popular during her elementary school days.

Hannah Manders (’16) explained her favorite part of the Throwback Thursday theme was seeing the people her friends were before high school. Manders broke out an old middle school t-shirt to show her school spirit.

Many students also reminisced their middle school days with Beck, Rosa and Carusi apparel.

Marli Ehrlich (’16) said, “You see how everyone from different middle schools come together into one united school.”

This statement not only revealed what spirit week meant to Ehrlich, but also the true meaning of spirit week as a school; to unite the Cherry Hill East community as one.

Although there were various students who did not dress-up in the designated theme clothing, many claimed they did not know how to dress-up for this theme or simply did not have enough time.

Overall, Throwback Thursday was a big hit amongst students and Spirit Week 2014 is officially in full swing.