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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Seniors make a comeback to win Spirit Week

Going into today’s Pep Rally in the DiBart Gym, the seniors trailed the junior class by a mere 125 points, with the possibility of earning 575 points in the day’s activities. Needing to win most of the points given for that day, the Class of 2009 would win Spirit Week after being in third place for the two of the first three days and the senior class found a way to do just that.

With the finals of the tug-of-war for both boys and girls to take place during the pep rally, the senior girls defeated the freshman girls in a best two out of three competition. The senior boys quickly defeated the juniors boys following the girls win.

With two wins accomplished, the seniors needed a win in the dress-up category for “Wear Red Day” and a placement above the junior class in the banner competition. The seniors placed first with their Hades-themed banner, while the juniors placed third with their Aphrodite-themed, a necessity to have a chance for the win. The final points announced were for wearing red, in which the senior class once again placed first and the juniors second.

While the bleachers were not filled with seniors, when Mr. CJ Davis announced that they had won Spirit Week in whole, those remaining ran onto the gym floor into a large group of red shouting “Oh Nine”, officially declaring their victory.

The Last Day Results are as follows:

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Girls Tug-of-War
1st – Seniors (’09)
2nd – Freshmen (’12)
3rd – Sophomores (’11)
4th – Juniors (’10)

Boys Tug-of-War
1st – Seniors (’09)
2nd – Juniors (’10)
3rd – Sophomores (’11)
4th – Freshmen (’12)

Tug-of-War Totals
1st – Seniors (’09) – 250 points
2nd – Juniors (’10) – 150 -points
2nd – Sophomores (’11) – 150 points
2nd – Freshmen (’12) – 150 points

Banner Competition (200 points possible)
1st – Seniors (’09) – 200 points
2nd – Sophomores (’11) – 150 points
3rd – Juniors (’10) – 100 points
4th – Freshmen (’12) – 50 points

Wear Red Day (125 points possible)
1st – Seniors (’09) – 125 points
2nd – Juniors (’10) – 100 points
3rd – Sophomores (’11) – 75 points
4th – Freshmen (’12) – 50 points

1st – Seniors (’09) – 2990 points WINNERS
2nd – Juniors (’10) – 2890 points
3rd – Sophomores (’11) – 2480 points
4th – Freshmen (’12) – 1730 points

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