Seniors celebrate at Project Graduation

Rebecca Cohen, Eastside Managing Editor

Project Graduation is an annual event for East seniors held the night of graduation.  This event runs from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. at The Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club.  At Project Graduation, seniors have the opportunity to safely celebrate their achievements alongside the rest of their class.

Almost the entire grade attends the event each year which proves its success in keeping kids safe on graduation night.  David Nahum (’14) said “[Project Graduation] is very important because everyone wants to go out an have a good time and go out with a bang on graduation night and Project Graduation offers that safe option.”  Elaine Berkowitz, one of the parent volunteers of the event, agrees that “it’s a wonderful night.  It’s the best thing to do for students.”

At Project Graduation, there are a plethora of activities to keep the students entertained during the entire night.  The event is organized and run by the PTA.  There is a wide variety of food served all night ranging from Chik-Fil-A to Primo’s Hoagies to Smoothie King to so much more.  The basketball courts at the Racquet Club are in full use by kids playing pick up games.  There is an entire room dedicated to inflatables for students to enjoy.  Students have the opportunity to be hypnotized or have their palms read during the night.  There are photographers so students can capture memories from the night and a DJ playing music all night long.  There is so much to do so students definitely will not get bored during the night. Sarah Evenosky (’14) said “the wall with the Velcro [was her] favorite part.”

Each year, students choose to wear apparel of the college which they will attend in the fall.  It is exciting for students to see where there peers are headed while representing their future school with pride.

“I am enjoying seeing everyones college shirts and just the high energy here,” said Jordan Gomer (’14).

Students enjoy the opportunity to attend Project Graduation as the entire grade is in attendance each year.  There is definitely incentive to come with all of the attractions and fun opportunities.  Rachel Rivera (’14) said she “wanted to come because it’s the last time all of the seniors are together.”

Project Graduation serves to be a safe opportunity for students to enjoy their graduation night.  Students clearly love this event since the attendance is always high.  Project Graduation is a great event that encourages safety and fun to high school seniors.  It is a perfect way to end the year as the graduating class spends their last night together in a safe environment with a million opportunities for fun.