Senior Perspective: Melanie Mendel

Some people love playing sports while others like chess, but my passion lies in music and the arts.  Believe me, high school has taught me a lot inside the classroom, but for me, school truly begins when the bell rings at 2:30.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think someone could spend so many hours in one place unless it was your home, but D-wing at East has given me a home away from home.  D-wing has helped me grow and make everlasting memories with friends for a lifetime.  The music and theatre departments are where I have been able to develop into the person I want and hope to be.  To give back through performance is what I love to do.  My participation in East Singers, Chansons, Belles of East and Key of She enabled me to develop a passion for music.  These groups made me see that music is what I am meant to do and luckily I realized it in time that I can pursuit music education in college.

East has given me an appreciation of giving back to the community.  Our vocal groups regularly perform throughout the community, which is gratifying seeing senior citizens or members of a religious group enjoy our music.   This spring break I was fortunate enough to go to Tennessee with East’s Habitat for Humanity.  Maybe I hit my finger with a hammer too many times but it was worth it to know that eventually when I finished missing the nail and smashing my finger, it would be one step closer to building a home for another.  Now I’m off to my next home: college.