Senior Perspective: Jane Sweeney

Looking back on these past four years at East, I’ve realized how much things have changed. The freshman version of myself was a completely different person than who I am today. Freshman year was probably my most awkward year at East, simply because of all of the change and transition. I remember walking into high school with very little confidence in myself, just hoping I would be able to fit in.

In August before my freshman year began I tried out for the girls volleyball team and, fortunately for me, I made it. Volleyball definitely helped make the transition to high school a little bit easier because I made a lot of really good friends throughout the years from all different classes. Participating in volleyball has always been my favorite part about attending East. Gaining all of these great friends and finding a new passion really helped shape who I am today, as well as helped me gain a lot of confidence in myself and become comfortable and happy with who I am.

So, as I move on to college next semester, I am excited to take my first step into the next chapter of my life with all the knowledge I have gained throughout these four years. There will be so many new things to experience and I cannot wait for all of it to finally begin. And so, as the end of my final year at East nears closer and closer I am happy to say my experience here is something I will look back on fondly.