Senior Perspective: Becca Taub

What? I have to leave East this June?  There isn’t any “13th grade”?  When did the end of my high school creep up on me?  How did this happen?

Thinking over everything, I realize that between that first day walking into East back in the fall of 2008 and now, East has become my home.  I’m comfortable here.  My friends are here.  My East “family” is here.  This is where I belong and fit in – I mean come on, I’m a Cougar! Who would want to give that up?  How did these thoughts and feelings occur?

These strong feelings have been developed and shaped by the wonderful East community, both in and out of the classroom.  Sure, schoolwork can be challenging and pile up on you occasionally, but while having to do homework after busy afternoons playing lacrosse or field hockey might have seemed annoying at the time, I realize that this whole crazy process that makes up East was great and fun and exciting!  You see, I never had to go through it alone.  East means friends.  East means having allowed myself over four years to open up, take chances, explore different things and look for reasons to smile and laugh every day, even while the nutty chaos of each up and down took place.  I realize that I will be taking this East “spirit” with me on my journey after graduation, and it is a “spirit” that makes me feel happy, secure, and glad to have experienced.