Senior Perspective: Alexa DiPiero

My life, thus far, has all taken place within the confines of a safely structured bubble. When I think about the fact that graduation is within hands’ reach, and the prospect of freedom is finally nearing, unexpectedly, the only word that comes to mind is “surreal”.  I can still remember the shorts and tank top I wore on the first day of school freshman year, and now I find myself taking cap and gown measurements and buying a senior prom dress.  Where did the time go?

Stereotypically, what I wanted out of a high school experience was to be a part of anything and everything I could. I wanted to have school spirit, attend every football and basketball game and cheer with the fellow countrymen to show pride in a school I love. I will always remember each and every SGA meeting, spirit week event, school dance, blood drive, girls’ soccer and girls’ lacrosse game.  My personality developed and I grew as an individual through all of my involvements, and I thank Cherry Hill East for all that it has offered me.

As a freshman, I stepped into East immature, naïve, and unsure of what to expect out of a building much larger and more intimidating than my middle school.  As a sophomore, I began to gain a sense of self and take on a new attitude as I sought to be an active student participant. As a junior, I found my place amongst my peers and enjoyed the feeling of superiority that came along with the territory of being an upperclassman.  But as a senior, I realize that I am no longer immature, naïve, nor unsure.  I am now an adult who is ready to make a mark on a world filled with endless possibilities, and I think it’s time for my bubble of a life to break.