Senior Perspective: Aaron Sirken

With over 2,000 kids, Cherry Hill East has a very large, diverse student body. Such a diverse community has a myriad of different interests and perspectives and that’s what makes it fun getting to know people.

East has a club for just about anything you are interested in. Even better, if you don’t find what you like, it’s really easy to start your own club. If you have a passion, pursue it with everything you’ve got. I love robotics and with a friend, Brendon Rush, we were able to transform East from a school without robotics to one that is home to the top robotic teams in the state.

Never be afraid to try something new, never be afraid to ask a teacher for help. They are a lot more supportive than you might think. Most of all, if you do something, do it because it’s what you enjoy doing, not because you think it will look good for college.

Do the work, but don’t stress about it. Have fun. Make memories. Definitely go on the senior class trip.