Senior Perspectives: Bonnie Zheng

“High school is the 4 best years of your life”. I remember hearing this multiple times as I entered the large intimidating school in September. As shocking as it was to me, I could not agree more with that quote said to me as I look back at my four years here at East. As I come to the end of my high school career, I look back and all I can think of is satisfaction. It was defiantly the four best years of my life I have experienced yet. 

Not only has East mentally prepared me for college, but I have learned quite an amount of life lessons I will be applying to my life. Not all in the classroom, but just from bonding and meeting new people, talking to my teachers, and learning how to work well in a group. Being involved has to be the key. Not only was I involved in three of the cultural clubs for multicultural day, but I also was a wrestling manager. These two activities are among the top two that I will forever remember when I think of my time at East.

Now I won’t lie, yes I did struggle. East is an extremely competitive school and with the goals I had created, I pressured myself to work the hardest I’ve ever worked. Leaving East, I have proved to myself how hard of a worker I really am and that is one of the best feelings I have been blessed with to feel. I remember staying up until 1 AM one night my junior year, crying to my friend, while he was attempting to sleep, about my Spanish work. I remember thinking of how ridiculous chemistry is and wanting to give up. But quite frankly, these difficult events have shaped me in a way that I never thought I had. 

It’s insane how fast high school really flew by, but what I am sure about is that, although I am sad to be leaving East, I am ready for college.