Senior Perspective: Zoe Schlessel

A single experience at East cannot define what the last four years has meant to me. A plethora of athletics, extracurricular activities, and academics has influenced my high school experience. For me, high school did not start in early September of my freshman year, but in late August, when I tried out for the girls’ volleyball team. Although I did not have experience playing volleyball, I wanted to give it a shot. After an amazing season, I tried out for the basketball team as well. By senior year, I had the privilege of being a captain in both sports. By dedicating myself to two—very time consuming—sports, I learned more about time management, patience and responsibility than any textbook could have ever taught me. I grew as both a leader and a student at East. I challenged myself in the classroom by taking a variety of courses, and I not only became great friends with many classmates, but I also developed amazing bonds with my teachers.  Athletics and academics played a huge role in my high school experience, but some of the best memories I had at East were from school functions like Eastside Dodgeball, Spirit Week, Multicultural Day and Senior Trip.  Looking back, I realize that I found my place at East by trying different activities and committing myself to them.