Senior Perspective: Sierra Doolin

It feels like only yesterday I was walking into the doors of Cherry Hill High School East. On my first day, the only thing I knew about high school was what I saw in the movies: the seniors ruled the school. If you got in someone’s way, you would end up in a locker. Well there I was in 2010, a freshman at the bottom of the food chain. I was ready for what everyone, including my parents, claimed would be the best four years of my life. Luckily, what the movies said was completely false. My parents and everyone else was right; high school is unforgettable.

I never let a second of these four years go to waste. As a freshman, I was determined to join every club possible. I played field hockey, I got involved with FOP, Blood Drive, Habitat for Humanity, and basically anything else I could get my hands on. As years went by, I only continued to get more involved. I eventually played varsity field hockey, was a chairperson for FOP, was selected to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, as well as so many other amazing opportunities. The great thing about these activities Cherry Hill East has to offer is the effect they have. My field hockey team consisted of a group of girls who touched my heart. The FOP event is something that changed my perspective on life. RYLA gave me the chance to learn about creating a better future for myself and others. These activities are not just about what goes on your college resume; rather, they change who you will be.

My biggest suggestion for the future students of Cherry Hill East is to cherish and appreciate every moment you have in high school. As I look back now, about to graduate, I wish I was starting all over. I wish I was walking in the doors as a freshman, being told there is a pool on the third floor. I wish I was able to roam the halls of Cherry Hill High School East for another four unforgettable years.