Senior Perspective: Shayna Golkow

Don’t get involved. Really, stay home. 2:30 means time to leave school for your usual three hours of ABC Family followed by two hours on Facebook. If you’re not interesting in the most common activities—sports, music, theater—just stay home. There’s nothing for you at East. Right? Wrong!

As a freshman, I wanted to get involved, but was not particularly interested in sports, music or theater. Here are the basic facts about me: I’m 5’1” with really curly hair, I love macaroni and cheese, I can recite all lines from Mean Girls by heart and I am passionate about community service. You now know everything you need to know about me.

Problem: considering that a macaroni-and-cheese-eating club and a Mean Girls recitation club do not exist, I chose to seek community service activities, but was not thrilled with the opportunities available.

Obvious solution: go home every day at 2:30 to eat macaroni and cheese while watching Mean Girls and thinking about community service by myself. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s tons of fun.

Less obvious but really not so difficult solution: Start, or in this case re-start, a club that fits my vision of community service. That’s what I did by re-starting East in Action.

Fast forward to my senior year. For some reason, starting a club has a mysterious fog surrounding it, and no one seems to think of it as a possibility, especially not as an underclassman. If you have an idea for a club that is not already at East, go for it! Who knows, there may be lots of people who share your interest and have felt the same way until now that they can join your club. Tada! You have just made a difference!

Not everyone likes common activities. Not everyone likes the activities offered at East. But everyone should have the opportunity to get involved in their own way and make their unique mark on our school.